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NULU Activewear for Woman

At NULU Activewear, we follow yogic principles.

Our desire is that everyone involved, from cutting to making, to trimming, to branding, to marketing, to selling, to wearing Nulu, loves every moment in the process.

Our interactions on all levels; financial, material, emotional and spiritual, are truthful and handled with integrity.

A sale should be made because the buyer loves every aspect of the brand.

We use our yogic knowledge and skills for the benefit of all people with whom we are connected, and not to gain an unfair personal advantage. Meticulous care and attention to detail has been taken to ensure that pure joy is experienced by the wearer; from the design and fabric, all the way through to the comfy fit. Premium is our objective. We spend hours improving the nulu activewear garments that you wear.

Months are spent sourcing fabrics, quality finishes and trims. Trialled and tested by teachers and students, our products are designed for optimal performance and comfort, while keeping it stylish and innovative.

Meaning that if you choose to buy a nulu activewear item and pay a little more than you would for imported clothing however, you are helping us to make a difference in many South African lives.

This is our role in striving for solutions for our beautiful and diverse country.  Our communication streams are honest and clear. Our suppliers are paid timeously. Their work and dedication to our success is honoured and respected.

We are a proudly South African brand and all nulu activewear garments are designed and manufactured locally.

We believe in providing work and boosting the local economy, addressing South Africa’s biggest social challenge: an unemployment rate of 26,5% (STATSSA, 2017), ranking amongst the highest in the world. We strive to pay fair rates to our independently owned workshops and skilled staff.

We bring care and wisdom to our conduct and avoid all forms of exploitation. We do not make use of sweat shops or child labour, everyone involved in the process of making a nulu activewear garment is well remunerated and has quality time to spend with their loved ones.

It is important that a positive energy vibration surrounds each nulu activewear item.