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Leigh and Sarah are two of three sisters who have an absolute love for online shopping, fashion and interiors.

Being online shopping addicts, Leigh’s and Sarah’s love for key fashion pieces at affordable prices inspired them to start importing as well as creating limited items for their fashion savvy followers.

A passion that started in 2011, a passion that never died but a passion that was never completed!
The past year and a half have been the hardest years of my life…my entire life changed in the blink of an eye…and so for the past year I’ve had to ‘create’ a new life,a new life that’s seen me overcome so many challenges on my own,a new life that made me realize who I am and what I am capable of…and a new life that saw a life long dream of mine happen.
It is with utter joy and complete love that I finally am able to bring to you-Love Bump?fashionable maternity clothing and accessories.

My love for the absolute perfection of a pregnant belly started my journey into capturing this special time in a woman’s life.
I have an honorary degree in BConsci Clothing and retail management from TUKS, and lots of experience within the industry.

Not having had the honour of being a mother myself, I wanted to ensure that pregnant moms felt good because they looked good.

It is said…”That women in labour leave their bodies, travel to the stars, collect the souls of their babies and return to this world together.

Sarah Hulleman studied at Camelot international beauty college and owns her own salon, Paint and Polished. Sarah’s always had an eye for interior design and absolutely loves creating beautiful spaces incorporating handmade items, bargain buys and a few key items one can splurge on.

Being a full time mom to her beautiful son Noah and part time beauty therapist inspired her to start creating party and occasion packages that would suit any moms budget as well as free up their time.